Translated information

Federal election 2022 information

Election information has been translated into 33 languages, available by clicking on the language links below.

This includes Your official guide to the 2022 federal election, and fact sheets on How to make your vote count and Checking the source of electoral communications.

Also available are:

Download translated information in your language

Click one of the language links below to download translated information in your language, or ring the number to access the Telephone Interpreter Service.

Other languages

If you require assistance in a language other than those listed on this page please call 1300 720 153.


Alternate formats are available for download.

Easy read guides

Easy Read

These guides explain how to enrol to vote and how to vote at a federal election.

The information in these guides is written in an easy to read way.

Pictures are used to explain some ideas.

Updated: 18 May 2022