Financial disclosure

Updated: 27 March 2019
The 2017-18 annual financial disclosures are now available.

The Commonwealth funding and disclosure scheme (the disclosure scheme) established under Part XX of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Act) deals with the public funding of federal election campaigns and the disclosure of detailed financial information.

The disclosure scheme was introduced to increase overall transparency and inform the public about the financial dealings of political parties, candidates and others involved in the electoral process.

The disclosure scheme requires candidates, registered political parties, their State Branches, local branches/sub-party units and their associated entities, donors and other participants in the electoral process to lodge annual or election period financial disclosure returns with the AEC.

The disclosure returns are then made available for public inspection.

Transparency Register

The AEC is required to establish and maintain a public Transparency Register. The Transparency Register contains information about political parties, associated entities, third parties, political campaigners, candidates and Senate groups registered with or recognised by the AEC.

Annual returns

Election returns


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