Lodge a financial disclosure return

Updated: 25 February 2019
eReturns portal

Who needs to lodge an annual return?

Registered political parties, associated entities, donors to political parties and third parties must lodge annual returns.

How to lodge an annual return

Annual returns can be lodged through the eReturns portal. To use eReturns you will need to obtain a username and password. Registered political parties and associated entities must contact the AEC to arrange a username and password. Donors and third parties that do not have an eReturns account may create their own.

Contact us

If you need additional information, assistance or to obtain a username and password, please contact the Funding and Disclosure (FAD) helpdesk via email at fad@aec.gov.au or by calling 02 6271 4552. The FAD helpdesk is open from 9am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday.

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