Updated: 10 July 2018

A redistribution is a redrawing of electoral boundaries to ensure, as near as practicable:

  • each state and territory gains representation in the House of Representatives in proportion to their population, and
  • there are a similar number of electors in each electoral division for a given state or territory.

Notification of electors affected by redistributions of federal electoral divisions in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT

The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Electoral Act) requires notification to be provided to electors who have been transferred between electoral divisions because of the creation of a new electoral division, including when an electoral division is re-named, or because the boundaries of an existing electoral division have been changed.

From Saturday 1 December, notices outlining changes to the electoral divisions will appear in national and state-wide newspapers.

From Monday 3 December, more than 930,000 households will receive letters advising that their address has been transferred to a new electoral division.

Electors do not need to do anything to update their enrolment as a result of the redistributions. The transfer of electors happened on the day the redistribution was determined.

Current redistributions

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