Profile of the electoral division of McPherson (Qld)

Updated: 19 November 2019
Date this name and boundary was gazetted:
27 March 2018
First election this name was used at:
1949 federal election
First election this boundary was used at:
2019 federal election
Maps and data
A4 map of the electoral division of McPherson (2018) [PDF 1.12MB]
Map of the Division of McPherson (2017) [PDF 2.96MB]
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Name Derivation:
Named after the McPherson Range for the range which runs north-west from Mount Glennie.
229 sq km
Location description

The Division of McPherson consists of part of the Gold Coast City Council.

Demographic Rating:
Provincial – outside capital cities, but with a majority of enrolment in major provincial cities
Current member details:
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Previous members:
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AEC Divisional Office:
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