How do I return my signed form?

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Return your signed form in person to an AEC office

Return your signed form in person to any AEC office. A list of AEC offices is available or you can search for your local AEC office.

Mail your signed form

Post your signed form to the reply paid address (no stamp is needed if posted in Australia):

Australian Electoral Commission
Reply Paid 9867
[your capital city]

By posting your form you understand that the time of receipt is the time when the form is received by the AEC.

Fax your signed form

Fax your signed form to any AEC office. Enter your postcode into the 'Find my local AEC Office' tool below to find the correct fax number.

Contact your local AEC office

Enter your residential postcode to find your local AEC divisional office contact details:

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Updated: 8 February 2017
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