How to apply for a job at the AEC

Where are AEC vacancies advertised?

The AEC advertises all ongoing and some non-ongoing vacancies on:

In addition, some jobs are advertised in local newspapers, vocation-specific journals and websites and in regional/interstate media.


To be eligible for engagement as an Australian Public Service employee you must be an Australian citizen. Exemptions may apply in certain circumstances. In addition, there may be an exclusion period if you have received a redundancy benefit from an APS employer in the last 12 months. Please contact for more information.

Obtaining further information about a job vacancy at the AEC

Once you have selected the relevant job vacancy, and have read the selection documentation, it is in your own interest to telephone the contact person listed in the advertisement to obtain more information about the job. This will help you determine whether your skills and experience match those required of the position. It will also assist you to tailor your application so that your suitability for the position is apparent to the panel. Learning about the current work priorities of the area may also assist you if you are subsequently invited for an interview.

To apply for a vacancy in the AEC you need to submit a written application, which addresses the selection criteria (found in the selection documentation). For help on how to do this see Claims Against the Selection Criteria.

Why your application is important

In the AEC, selection is made in accordance with the merit principle, having regard to your current knowledge, skills, and experience against the selection criteria, the duties associated with the position, and your potential for future development.

Your application is the first crucial step in the selection process, so it is important that it makes the best possible impression.

You must be able to demonstrate that you meet the requirements of the selection criteria sufficiently to warrant being shortlisted for further assessment. Missing information can mean the difference between being further considered or not. Poor proofreading may adversely affect the presentation of your application so you should check it for any spelling, grammatical and typographical errors before lodgement.

What information should my application contain?

You application should contain:

  1. Your claims against the selection criteria
  2. Your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
  3. The names and contact details of at least two referees

Claims against the selection criteria

Your response to the selection criteria should be separate from the CV, and be titled 'Claims Against Selection Criteria'. In this section you should:

  • display your competence or suitability in meeting all selection criteria, and
  • provide any information necessary to demonstrate your claims of competence and suitability. Useful information could include examples of tasks undertaken in paid or voluntary employment and these examples should be linked to the relevant selection criterion. Note: It is not sufficient to state you meet a selection criterion without supporting evidence detailing how you meet it.

To be considered for the vacancy you must:

  • meet all selection criteria, and
  • give sufficient information to demonstrate that you meet all selection criteria.

Do not include copies of qualifications, certificates for short courses or written references at this stage, as these can be presented at a later date, if required.


Include the names of at least two referees at the end of your cv/resume. Make sure you provide their full names, addresses, titles and current contact details.

In most cases family members or friends would not be suitable. Your current or most recent supervisors are preferable as referees. You should check that the people you choose are willing to be referees for you, and provide them with copies of the selection documentation.

It should be noted that referees may be contacted at the shortlisting stage. As an applicant you should tell us in your application if this is not appropriate for you, due to confidentiality.

What if I am applying for two or more vacancies?

If you wish to be considered for more than one vacancy in the AEC, you must complete a separate application for each vacancy.

Final check

  • the information in your cv/resume is up-to-date and accurate
  • your application details your skills and merit for the vacancy without exaggeration or understatement
  • the selection criteria is addressed in full
  • the application is well presented and clearly presented
  • there are no spelling or grammatical errors

It is a good idea to ask another person to do a final check of your application.

Submitting your application

Your application must be received by the advertised closing date. It is your responsibility to ensure the deadline is met, and if an extension of time is required, you must seek permission from both AEC Recruitment Services and the advertised contact person. An extension may be granted at the discretion of the selection committee, but this is not guaranteed.

You can submit your application online.

Updated: 18 October 2018
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