Applications close 6pm 15 May 2019.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your application for a postal vote, the AEC will send your ballot paper to the postal address you have provided.

The AEC will start mailing voting papers to postal voters when nominations for candidates have been declared and ballot papers are available.

Submitting your ballot papers

Ballot papers must be completed and witnessed on or before election day Saturday 18 May 2019 , and posted back to the AEC as soon as possible.

You only have 13 days after the federal election for your ballot papers to be received by the AEC.

2019 Tasmanian Legislative Council elections

This postal vote application is for the federal election only. The Tasmanian Electoral Commission has information for voting at the 2019 Tasmanian Legislative Council elections for the divisions of Montgomery, Nelson and Pembroke.

Who can be an authorised witness for a postal vote?

In accordance with s.193 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, an authorised witness for postal voting may be:

  • An elector whose name appears on the Electoral Roll
  • Outside Australia, the following persons are authorised witnesses:
    • an officer of the Defence Force or of the naval, military or air forces of a Commonwealth country,
    • a person appointed or engaged under the Public Service Act 1999,
    • a member of the civil or public service of a State or Territory or of a Commonwealth country,
    • a Justice of the Peace for a State or Territory or a Commonwealth country,
    • a minister of religion or medical practitioner resident in a State or Territory or a Commonwealth country,
    • an Australian citizen.

If you are unable to find one of these people, please see the information in your postal voting guide for further instructions.

A person who is a candidate for the 2019 federal election cannot be an authorised witness.

What if I am a general postal voter or a silent elector?

If you are a registered general postal voter, you will automatically receive a postal vote pack in the mail.

If you are registered as a silent elector, and you are not a general postal voter, you can complete a postal vote application or vote in person at an early voting centre or on election day.

Updated: 11 April 2019
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