Notice under s.133(1A) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 – Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party

Updated: 7 November 2016

On 26 October 2016, Gabrielle Paten, Assistant Commissioner, as a delegate of the Electoral Commission for the purposes of s.126 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Act), approved the application from ten members of the Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party for registration as a political party under the Act. Under s.133(1) of the Act, the following information was entered in the Register of Political Parties:

Name of party: Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party

Abbreviation: Involuntary Vaccine/Fluoride Objectors

Registered officer: Gary Martin
RO's address: 1800 Nulla Nulla Creek Road

The party stated that it wishes to receive election funding.