Party registration decisions and changes

Updated: 15 March 2023
Party registration decisions – 2023
Date Party name Decision
23 January 2023 Socialist Equality Party

Delegate decision affirmed - Socialist Equality Party

Related delegate's decision

23 January 2023 The Small Business Party

Delegate decision affirmed - The Small Business Party

Related delegate's decision

12 January 2023 No Mandatory Vaccination Party

Application for registration refused

Statement of Reasons

Party registration changes – 2023
Date Party name Notice
15 March 2023 David Pocock Change of Registered Officer's address
7 March 2023 Independent Voices for the Senate Change of Registered Officer
3 March 2023 TNL Change of Registered Officer
27 February 2023 Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division) Change of Registered Officer
20 February 2023 Queensland Greens Change of Registered Officer's address
14 February 2023 National Party of Australia Change of Registered Officer
10 February 2023 Katter's Australian Party (KAP) Change of Registered Officer
7 February 2023 Pauline Hanson's One Nation Change of Registered Officer's address
3 February 2023 Derryn Hinch's Justice Party Change of Registered Officer's address

Deregistered political parties - 2023

The AEC maintains a list of political parties that have been deregistered.