Direct Enrolment and Update

It is compulsory for Australian citizens aged 18 and over to enrol and vote in federal elections. It is also required by law that eligible Australians keep their enrolment details up-to-date.

The AEC’s Federal Direct Enrolment and Update (FDEU) program is used to assist some Australians meet their enrolment obligations by applying trusted third party information directly, without the need for that person to complete an enrolment application.

However, it is ultimately the responsibility of individual eligible Australians to take action to enrol or update their enrolment.

How it works

The AEC is authorised under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to collect information from other government agencies for the purpose of maintaining the electoral roll.

How it works

The FDEU program will only apply when sufficient information is available from other government agencies. We will write to you and let you know if we intend to add your name and address to the electoral roll or update your details. You do not need to reply to the letter if the details are correct. If the details are incorrect, you have 28 days to respond before any action is taken.

When individual details are provided to another agency, that agency will have informed you that your information would be shared with other government agencies. The external data received may include details of an individual's surname, given name(s), date of birth, and address.

That data is examined and matched against the electoral roll to identify people who are entitled to enrol and are not currently enrolled, and those who are entitled to enrol but require an update to their enrolment details.

Data Source Jurisdiction
State and Territory Driver's Licence Authorities Australia
Services Australia – Centrelink Australia
Australian Taxation Office Australia

If you have received a letter in the mail or email from the AEC

The AEC frequently updates the electoral roll through the Direct Enrolment and Update Program. This means you may receive a letter in the mail or email from us if we intend to add you to the electoral roll or update your details. If you are unsure about a notification you have received from the AEC, please contact us on 13 23 26. 

State and territory elections

In most states and territories, direct enrolment or update will allow you to vote in federal, state and local government elections. In some states you will be required to provide additional information and this will be explained on the letter you receive from the AEC.

State direct enrolment - Victoria

The state-level electoral management body in Victoria also runs a direct enrolment program for new enrolments that is separate to the AEC’s process. The AEC may also use state direct enrolment information to directly enrol or update you for federal purposes.

We will write to you and let you know if we intend to add your name and address to the electoral roll or update your details based on this information.

Alternatively, you can enrol online or pick up an enrolment form at any AEC office.

Updated: 26 May 2023