2001 Profile of the division of Cook

Updated: 9 February 2011


New South Wales

Name Derivation:

Named after Captain James Cook (1728–1779), British explorer who was the first European to discover the East Coast of Australia in 1770. Captain Cook was killed by Hawaiian natives in 1779.

Area and Location Description:

It covers an area of approximately 189 sq kms from Kurnell and Cronulla in the east to Kirrawee and Kareela in the west and from Botany Bay and Georges River in the north to Port Hacking in the south. And includes that part of Royal National Park east of the section of Princes Hwy commencing at the most north westerly point of Royal National Park to Farnell Ave, east of Farnell Ave and Hacking River and north of Sutherland Council boundary which includes Bundeena and Maianbar.

The main suburbs include Bundeena, Caringbah, Cronulla, Grays Point, Gymea, Gymea Bay, Kareela, Kirrawee, Kurnell, Lilli Pilli, Maianbar, Miranda, Sylvania and Woolooware.

Products/Industries of the area:

Petroleum refineries at Kurnell, steel fabrication, pharmaceutical plant, boat building and oyster farming.

First Proclaimed



  • Bruce Baird (LP) 1998–
  • S Mutch (LP) 1996–98
  • J D M Dobie (LP) 1975–96
  • R W Thorburn (ALP) 1972–75
  • J D M Dobie (LP) 1969–72
  • J F Cope (ALP) 1955–69
  • T Sheehan (ALP) 1937–55
  • J S Garden (ALP) 1934–37
  • E C Riley (ALP) 1922–34
  • J H Catts (ALP) 1906–22

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Demographic Rating

Inner Metropolitan

Statistical information
3 October 1998 Election 6 November 1999 Referendum 10 November 2001 Election

Enrolment: 80 733

Informal Vote: 4.03%

Turnout: 95.28%

Seat Status: Fairly safe Liberal

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 41.06%
  • LP: 58.94%

Enrolment: 81 397

Informal Vote:

  • Republic Question 0.69%
  • Preamble Question 0.79%


  • Republic Question 95.60%
  • Preamble Question 95.57%

Enrolment: 82 150

Informal Vote: 4.65%

Turnout: 95.28%

Seat Status: Safe Liberal

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 36.00%
  • LP: 64.00%
Following Redistribution of Boundaries in February 2000

Notional Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 40.63%
  • LP: 59.37%
Notional Seat Status: Fairly safe Liberal