AEC 25th Anniversary

Updated: 2 February 2011

AEC 25th Anniversary slideshow

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  • The AEC's 25 years serving the Australian community


    The AEC's 25th anniversary of service to Australian democracy
  • Australian electoral history in action


    Having a say has always been something we Australians pride ourselves on.

    Image of a Residential Qualification certificate proving the holder has permission to vote in the electoral district of Petersham (NSW, Australia) 1901
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    From becoming a nation in 1901...

    Pamphlet promoting Federation
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    to protecting our national interests during times of conflict...

    Image of a Proclamation regarding the 1917 referendum for reinforcements to service in World War I
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    and enfranchising all Australians...

    Photograph of a group of people in 1965 protesting the right to vote for indigenous Australians
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    voting has always played an important role in developing our national identity.

    Photograph of House of Representatives and Senate ballot boxes
  • Voting any way you can


    Despite some hitches...

    Photograph of a couple voting on their wedding day
  • /About_AEC/25/slideshow/images/10_south_africa.jpg

    people the world over value their opportunity to participate in democracy...

    Photograph, from above, of the huges queues of people lining up to vote in the 1994 South African Elections.
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    and won't let anything stand in their way.

    People queuing to vote at Mawson Station in Antarctica
  • International assistance


    The AEC has not only played a crucial role within Australia, we have reached out across the globe to help others elect their chosen representatives.

    25th anniversary slideshow
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    While some of us might take the right to vote for granted, millions of others do not.

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    The AEC has helped parliamentary democracies build their election management capacities, including involvement in the BRIDGE project (BRIDGE stands for Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections).

    25th anniversary slideshow
  • Educating the future


    Another key role for us at the AEC is electoral education.

    25th anniversary slideshow
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    We are mindful our children represent Australia's future...

    25th anniversary slideshow
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    and to ensure a bright one, we have created specific electoral education programs and activities.

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  • /About_AEC/25/slideshow/images/20_school_visits.jpg

    School visits are made by AEC staff, and interactive electoral education materials provided,

    25th anniversary slideshow
  • /About_AEC/25/slideshow/images/22_roleplay.jpg

    and people from all parts of Australia visit our Electoral Education Centre in Canberra.

    25th anniversary slideshow
  • Australian voting in action


    Every day, the AEC works towards ensuring Australia has an up-to-date electoral roll, an impartial electoral system and a society informed about electoral rights and responsibilities.

    25th anniversary slideshow
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    Whether in our cities...

    25th anniversary slideshow
  • /About_AEC/25/slideshow/images/25_remote_manmoyi.jpg

    or deep in the Australian outback...

    25th anniversary slideshow
  • /About_AEC/25/slideshow/images/26_helicopter.jpg

    where sometimes distance can be a challenge that's fun to overcome...

    25th anniversary slideshow
  • /About_AEC/25/slideshow/images/27_remote_manmoyi.jpg

    the AEC is there to help you...

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  • /About_AEC/25/slideshow/images/28_tally_board.jpg

    during Australia's federal elections, and between elections with our range of electoral services.

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  • The future


    Whilst it's important to acknowledge the many achievements of the AEC, this anniversary comes at a time when proposals for change to the electoral system are generating widespread interest and debate.

    25th anniversary slideshow
  • /About_AEC/25/slideshow/images/32_babies.jpg

    Looking ahead, the major focus for us at the AEC is to continue delivering highly professional electoral services that meet the evolving needs of the Australian people.

    25th anniversary slideshow

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