Voters who are blind or have low vision can cast a vote using the AEC’s dedicated telephone voting service. The registration process for telephone voting will be open from Monday 2 October 2023.

Telephone voting is also available for those stationed in Antarctica.

It is not available to people who do not meet the above criteria.

The number to call is 1800 913 993 domestically and +61 2 6271 4611 if overseas.

Step 1: Registration

When you call, an AEC operator will ask you some questions to confirm that you are enrolled to vote, and that you are eligible to vote by telephone.

Once we have confirmed you are eligible to vote, we will ask you to choose a personal identification number (a PIN). We will then send you a registration number. You will need to provide both of these numbers when you call back to vote.

Step 2: Casting a vote

Once you have registered for telephone voting, you can call back and cast your vote. You will need to provide your registration number and PIN before you cast your vote. If you forget either number, you can re-register for a telephone vote as long as you haven't voted.

When you call, to protect your privacy, you will be asked for your registration and PIN rather than your personal details to mark you off the electoral roll. This means your vote remains secret because the AEC voting assistant will not know your name or address.

An AEC voting assistant will record your vote. A second voting assistant is present on the call to guarantee your vote is recorded as you intended. Once your vote is complete, the voting assistant will place the ballot paper into a secure ballot box.

The video below explains telephone voting.