Transparency Register

Updated: 16 August 2019

The Transparency Register contains information about political parties, candidates, Senate groups, political campaigners, associated entities, third parties and donors registered with or recognised by the AEC.

The AEC is required to publish on the Transparency Register specific details relevant to each entity. In summary, the Transparency Register includes annual returns, election returns and election funding claims as shown in this chart.

  Annual returns
Election returns
Election funding claims
(if applicable)
Political parties Yes   Yes
Candidates   Yes Yes
Senate groups   Yes Yes
Political campaigners Yes    
Associated entities Yes    
Third parties Yes    
Donors Yes Yes  

Annual returns

The AEC is required to publish annual returns on the Transparency Register before the end of the first business day in February each year after the return is provided. Each of the registers below provides links to the most recent annual return. The annual return register for political parties also includes links to the Register of Political Parties.

Election Returns

The Transparency Register, introduced in November 2018, requires the publication of all subsequent federal election and by-election returns by candidates, Senate groups and donors on to the Transparency Register within 24 weeks after polling day. Historic election returns can be viewed on the Election returns website. The candidates listed below participated in a recent federal election or by-election (The election returns publication date is included.)

Election funding claims

The AEC is required to publish election funding determinations on the Transparency Register as soon as reasonably practicable after making the determination. The register below provides links to election funding determinations:

Requirements for registration

Associated entities and political campaigners must be registered with the AEC within 90 days of becoming required to register and must maintain up to date records.

For further information, go to the Who needs to register? page of the AEC website.

Source of information

Details for the Transparency Registers will be sourced automatically for all entities registered and recognised. Further details may be sourced from the Register of Political Parties and any current candidates in an election if applicable.

Changes to the Transparency Register

Entities are required to make any changes to the register via the Change to Transparency Register form within 90 days of the change occurring. Details listed on the Transparency Register are otherwise accepted as correct until proven otherwise.
If you need assistance please email, or alternatively call the Funding and Disclosure help desk on (02) 6271 4552.

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