AEC Social Media Community Guidelines

Thanks for visiting AEC social media! We’re here to share the facts about elections and voting. If you’ve got a question about the electoral process, we’d love for you to reach out and ask. Beyond social media, you can find all election information at

Our Channels

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Engagement Policy

We welcome your ideas, comments, feedback, and general discussion. Here’s how we can work together to make sure our pages are safe for everyone:


We welcome robust discussion, and understand there’s strong views when it comes to elections. Please respect each other’s opinions and refrain from using rude, threatening, or defaming language or images. Be kind to those joining the conversation alongside you, and be kind to us (we’re people too!)

Stop and Consider

When it comes to politics, one person’s truth can be another person’s lie. It’s not the AEC’s role to be an arbiter of truth when it comes to political campaigning. To avoid sharing misinformation, make sure you stop and consider the source of your information before you share it, and check the facts first.

We do work to rebut misinformation about the election process. Everyone has the right to accurate information about elections and voting. If you have a question about the electoral process, please feel free to ask us! We’re the experts on Australia’s electoral system, and we’re happy to answer your questions.


Keen to share a pic of yourself voting? Great! Just make sure you don’t identify other voters, or take away someone’s right to the privacy of their vote. Please consider the privacy and safety of other people - both their identity and their vote - when you share content on social media.

The AEC has a duty of care to the staff monitoring our social media channels. We welcome all feedback both positive and negative, and aim to engage with all users on social media. However, users who continuously do not engage in good faith may have their comments deleted or hidden, or may be muted or blocked. It is our preference not to take this action but it is occasionally necessary to ensure the aims of our social media engagement (to accurately inform Australians about the electoral process) can continue to be met. Members of the public will always have access to electoral information via a range of channels, including via the AEC website,

Check out the rules for the social media platforms themselves: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube. If you find a user is in breach of these Community Standards, you can report them directly to the platform.  


The AEC is a politically neutral organisation that delivers electoral services in adherence to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. We are active on social media as one part of our role to provide education and information on elections to the public. Our replies, follows, and likes do not indicate endorsement.

Operating Hours

We operate between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. During an election period, our hours of operation extend to 7am-7pm daily.

We love chatting with you on social media. We aim to reply to as many questions and comments as we can. While we can’t always respond to everyone, thank you for joining the conversation! There are a range of other ways to get in touch with the AEC here.

Thank You!

Most importantly, thank you for engaging on Australia’s electoral system. Elections belong to all of us, and we’re thrilled that you’re part of the conversation!

Updated: 2 March 2022