Voting options for people in hospital – frequently asked questions

Updated: 29 September 2023

If you know you are going to be in hospital on voting day, you have these voting options:

In person at an early voting centre

Early voting centres will be open for up to 12 days prior to voting day. Information about locations and polling hours are published on the AEC website. You will be able to search for polling places near you and filter by accessibility options.

Postal voting

Voters who are unable to vote at a polling place on voting day may be eligible to vote by post. If voters want to vote by post, they will need to:

  • complete a postal vote application form by 6pm Wednesday prior to voting day
  • complete and seal the ballot papers by 6pm on voting day
  • ensure the ballot papers are received by the AEC no later than 13 days after voting day

Voters can apply for a postal vote using this link, at any AEC office or contact the AEC via telephone on 13 23 26.

The Postal Voting Factsheet provides detailed information on postal voting.

Electors who appear to have not voted will be sent a letter about failing to vote which will ask the person to:

  • let us know the circumstances around which they voted; or
  • provide their reasons for not voting; or
  • Pay an administrative penalty of $20.

For anyone who was in hospital and was unable to vote at an early voting centre, via postal vote or at a polling place on voting day, can provide the AEC this information in the ‘reasons for not voting’ section of the letter.  A friend or relative may also tell an official about your circumstances when they are attending a polling place.

Further information can be found on the AEC’s Post-election processes – frequently asked questions page.