Help using the AEC Employment system

Updated: 26 April 2018

I need help registering for an account

When registering for an account I cannot clearly read the 'secret word' – what should I do?

Next to the field for the secret word, there is a symbol of a circular arrow. If you click this symbol, the secret word will re-set. There is no limit to the number of times you can click this symbol, so you should click and re-set the secret word until you find one that is clear enough for you to read and input.

Please note that this field is NOT case sensitive and will NOT contain symbols.

I share an email address with another person and one of us received log in details, but the other didn't – what should I do?

Due to the nature of the personal information you will be required to input into the AEC Employment System, security measures have been built in to prevent people attempting to set up two accounts with the same email address.

However, we do recognise that many people do share email addresses, and if this is the case for you, you simply need to contact your divisional office and ask that they update your username – you can share an email address, but you will need to have separate usernames.

I need help completing my Registration of Interest

When completing my Registration of Interest, a red cross is appearing next to my selected location preference – what should I do?

If the location you have selected is your preferred location, please ignore the red cross. This cross is there in case you have selected the incorrect location, and you need to remove it.

After submitting my Registration of Interest I received an email from the AEC stating 'the AEC has been unable to confirm your new AEC Election Jobs account details' – what should I do?

To prevent fraudulent applications, a security measurement has been built into the system. The system matches your details against the electoral roll, and if you cannot be matched, will put your application into a review list. This is likely to be the cause of the email you have received.

Don't worry, an administrator will fix this for you, and you should receive your log in username and password approximately 24 hours of the first email from the AEC.

What if my contact details have changed after submitting my Registration of Interest?

If you submitted your Registration of Interest online, you should use your log in details to log in and update your personal details.

If you submitted your Registration of Interest by post, you should advise the AEC of your updated contact details.

Remember to also ensure that you complete a new enrolment form to update your address details (if changed) on the electoral roll, in accordance with legislation.

I need help logging onto the AEC Employment System

My new password doesn't work

Once you have successfully lodged an online Registration of Interest, you will receive a username and password. Please ensure that when you use this username and password to log into our system, that you are entering the password EXACTLY as it appears, as your password is both character and case sensitive, e.g. the password T1Oda&y is not the same as the password as t1oda&y.

I've forgotten my username and/or password

I have already registered for an account AND submitted an Registration of Interest, but now I can't remember my username and/or password?

If you know your username but have forgotten your password, you can click the 'Recover my password' link on the login page, and this will send a password to your preferred contact point.

If you cannot remember you username OR your password, you should contact your divisional office and request that they re-send your log in details.

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