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Updated: 7 September 2021


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Working at elections

Have you thought about working at an election?
Did you know the AEC employs around 100,000 Australians to deliver a federal election?
COVID-safe measures will be in place at all polling and workplaces to help protect workers and voters.

The majority of work is on election day only. However, there is a wide range of temporary roles and opportunities to work throughout an election period, typically around eight weeks, including roles in early voting centres, mobile polling and after election day.

Why work at elections?

Elections are a fundamental part of our democratic process in Australia and require a large temporary workforce to ensure all eligible Australians have a say.

Every person working at a federal election makes a valuable contribution to Australia’s democracy.

At the AEC we are focused on delivering trusted, reliable, high quality and high integrity federal elections and other electoral events. Working at elections offers:

  • paid work
  • on the job training and support
  • a unique work experience
  • an opportunity to engage with the community, make new friends and expand your networks.

COVID safety measures, based on the advice of health authorities, will be in place at polling places and other AEC workplaces at the next federal election to protect AEC workers and voters.

Register your interest

The AEC maintains a national register of people who may be offered temporary work during elections, including federal elections, by-elections, plebiscites and referendums.

If you wish to be considered for temporary election work, please submit an online Registration of Interest (ROI).

People from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

In the lead up to an electoral event, the AEC will assess your application and may contact you, if suitable opportunities become available in your preferred locations. Please note, the AEC cannot guarantee employment.

Already registered for election work?

If you have previously registered with the AEC to work at elections, it is important to keep your details up-to-date. Log in to AEC employment.

Need help?

If you have low vision or difficulty completing your ROI online, please call the AEC help desk on 13 23 26 for assistance.

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