New election workforce system live - Our new election workforce system, EmployMe, is now live. More information about AEC EmployMe.

Working with us

We’ve launched our new temporary employment system - AEC EmployMe

Registering your interest for election work is now much easier with AEC EmployMe.

AEC EmployMe is a new mobile-friendly, secure, and easy-to-access employment system. It’s a modern and streamlined system for the registration, employment, training, and payment of the temporary election workforce.

You’ll need to create an account and register on AEC EmployMe to work at future elections – even if you’ve registered before.

The opportunity

A federal electoral event, such as an election or referendum, creates over 100,000 employment opportunities in cities, regional and remote areas across Australia.

Join our team to help deliver these events. You’ll be contributing to your community and Australia’s democracy, while meeting great people.

The Australian Electoral Commission’s role is to deliver federal electoral events with the highest levels of integrity and impartiality. To work at a federal election or referendum, you must be an Australian Citizen and be both politically and issue neutral.

Need help?

If you are having difficulty completing your registration online, please get in touch with your local AEC office on 13 23 26.

What we offer

Casual pay rates
Tailored training
Unique opportunity

Working at federal events, like the referendum, offers you an opportunity to:

  • earn income on a casual basis – up to 5 weeks of work depending on the job.
  • receive paid training.
  • learn new and transferrable skills, such as customer service, leadership and operational delivery.
  • achieve work experience for your resume and potential references.

Pay rates vary depending on the role. Please refer to the employment terms and conditions (part C and D cover the types of pay).

Updated: 16 June 2024
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