Information about working in the AEC

When you join the AEC, you join a team of passionate professionals committed to giving Australians a voice through our democratic processes. The AEC is a smaller agency that allows the development of stronger connections with your colleagues and networks. We all work towards a shared goal of delivering an impartial and independent electoral system that is safe, efficient and precise. To ensure a consistent and accurate process we provide comprehensive training programs to continue to develop our people and implement ongoing improvements.

Conditions of employment

The terms and conditions for all APS employees engaged at the AEC are specified in the AEC Enterprise Agreement 2016–2019. This agreement provides a range of flexible work conditions including:

  • a standard working week of 37½ hours
  • flex time under which you can use extra time worked to take time off work
  • 15.4% superannuation
  • annual and personal leave that covers a range of circumstances
  • the opportunity to purchase extra leave per year
  • office shut down between Christmas and New Year

Flexible work environment

Employees in the AEC enjoy a flexible workplace that supports healthy work/life harmony. The following options are available to assist employees in balancing their work and personal lives and ensure a supported environment.

  • flexible start and finish times, subject to operational requirements
  • opportunities to work part-time
  • flexible working arrangements, such as working from home
  • purchased leave, which allows employees to purchase leave that may be used to fulfil family commitments/responsibilities
  • maternity and paternity leave
  • personal leave for carers purposes, and
  • confidential access to the AEC's Employee Assistance Program

Values and code of conduct

The AEC is committed to the APS Values and Code of Conduct contained in the Public Service Act 1999. The AEC Standard of Conduct incorporates the APS Values and Code of Conduct which were created to ensure, among other things, that all employees in the APS work in an environment that allows them to reach their full potential.

In addition to the APS Values, the AEC values electoral integrity through quality, agility and professionalism. These values frame and guide how we work and underpin everything we do.

AEC Values

Child Safety Policy

The AEC is committed to the safety and protection of the children and young people we serve. The AEC’s Child Safety Policy outlines the AEC’s principles and processes for providing a safe environment for children and young people in all of our offices and business operations, and most pertinently at the National Electoral Education Centre (NEEC) located at Old Parliament House, Canberra.

Additionally, the AEC’s Child Safe Policy:

  • informs AEC staff of their obligations to act ethically and responsibly towards children and young people at all times
  • is designed to demonstrate and monitor the AEC’s compliance with the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework. The AEC also publishes an annual statement of compliance with this Framework.

Work health and safety

The AEC is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees while at work in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. The AEC takes proactive and positive steps to protect and promote the health and safety of its employees whilst at work, using its facilities, or while on AEC premises.

The AEC has a range of initiatives to support employees such as:

  • wellness corner
  • employee assistance program
  • flu vaccination program
  • ergonomic workstation checks and adjustable workstations

Political neutrality

The AEC places special emphasis on political neutrality because it is responsible for providing the Australian people with an independent electoral service.

It is essential that all AEC employees are, and are seen to be, politically neutral.

All AEC staff, both permanent and temporary are required to provide a declaration of political neutrality which is designed to ensure that there is no conflict of interest before they are considered for employment. Having had a party affiliation at some time in the past does not automatically rule someone out but all staff are required to behave neutrally and face instant dismissal if they do not.

COVID-19 Policy

The AEC is committed to safeguarding the health of its employees and the wider Australian voting public.

As such, all AEC employees are required to meet the conditions of the AEC’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy which outlines that all AEC staff must have received their recommended primary (general population) dosage of any approved vaccine at that time, or have an exemption approved by an AEC Delegate. Currently, primary doses means you have had two doses of an approved vaccine. However, if you are required under state or territory guidelines to have a booster vaccination to perform particular duties, you will be required to have additional dose(s) when eligible. The federal government recommendations on primary doses may change over time and the recommendations of that time will apply as the AEC definition.

During the onboarding stage of the recruitment process all AEC applicants will be required to provide a declaration of COVID-19 vaccination status that either confirms that you have received the primary dosage of an approved COVID-19 vaccine or that you will seek to acquire an AEC-approved exemption before commencing work with the AEC.

Please note, an exemption must be approved by the AEC before commencement of work with the AEC.

Updated: 15 June 2022