Transparency Register


The Transparency Register contains information about political parties, significant third parties (previously political campaigners), associated entities, members of the House of Representatives (MPs), senators, third parties, candidates, Senate groups, and donors registered with or recognised by the AEC.

The Transparency Register was taken offline in May after the AEC became aware that the Register had inadvertently drawn address information from a small number of candidate nomination forms

In the time since the Register was taken down, the AEC has been taking steps to ensure that this will not occur again. Given the complexity of systems that work together to produce the Transparency Register, the testing has been comprehensive. It is anticipated that the Register will be available within the coming weeks.

We recognise that the Transparency Register is an important resource for stakeholders. If you require disclosure return information, please contact the AEC’s Funding and Disclosure team at:

The AEC is required to publish on the Transparency Register specific details relevant to each entity. In summary, the Transparency Register includes the current register of entities, annual returns, election returns, referendum returns, election funding claims and enforceable undertakings.

  Register of entities Annual returns
Election returns
Referendum returns (requirement) Enforceable undertakings
(if applicable)
Election funding claims
(if applicable)
Political parties Yes Yes     Yes Yes
Significant third parties Yes Yes     Yes  
Associated entities Yes Yes     Yes  
Members of the House of Representatives   Yes     Yes  
Senators   Yes     Yes  
Third parties Yes Yes     Yes  
Annual donors   Yes     Yes  
Candidates     Yes   Yes Yes
Senate groups     Yes   Yes Yes
Election donors     Yes   Yes  
Referendum entities      Yes Yes  
Referendum donors      Yes Yes  
Updated: 28 June 2024