eReturns: Third Party Quick Reference Guide: Getting Started

Updated: 31 October 2012

Getting Started

Logging in to eReturns

Getting Credentials

eReturns credentials are mailed out to third parties in an obligation letter as they are identified. Your eReturns credentials will look like this in your obligation letter:

Screen shot showing how the credentials will be delivered

Your credentials are made up of a user name and one-time password. On the first log-in to eReturns you will be prompted to change the password. You can also optionally change your user name.

Getting Started

Once you have your credentials you will need to navigate to the eReturns website using your browser.

screen shot of URL in browser address bar

Be careful! – eReturns is a secure website which means you must type 'https://' at the beginning of the URL.

Once you have successfully navigated to the eReturns webpage you will be able to enter your credentials.

screen shot of login screen

Enter your user name and password from your obligation letter and click 'Login'.

On first login

The first time you log in to eReturns you will be prompted to verify your details. To navigate through the eReturns wizard use the 'Back' and 'Next' buttons at the bottom right of the screen.

screen shot of back and next buttons

Step 1: Organisation Details

On this screen you can review and update the details which the AEC currently has on file for your third party.

Step 2: Contact Details

Please ensure you enter your email address as eReturns uses email for validation and to send you copies of any returns you lodge.

screen shot of email entry fields

Step 3: Account Details

On this screen you will be able to change your user name if you wish.

You will also be required to enter a new password and provide a secret question and answer and a PIN.

This secret information will be used by AEC staff to verify your identity over the phone if you need to contact the Help Desk.

screen shot of account details screen

Once you have completed the Account details screen, click 'Finish'.

Step 4: Confirmation

screen shot of confirmation screen

eReturns will automatically generate a verification email and send it to your email address. Before your eReturns account can be activated you will be required to verify your email address. This is done by clicking on the link in the email.

screen shot of verification email

Clicking this link verifies that you have access to the email account.

screen shot of activation complete screen

Once you have verified your email address you are able to start using your eReturns account.


Click the 'Back to login' button to return to the eReturns login page.

screen shot showing the back to login link

From here, enter your user name and password to login – remember you will have changed your password and may have changed your user name.

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