eReturns: Third Party Quick Reference Guide: The basics

Updated: 19 October 2012

The basics

Common icons

Common icons
Icon What it does?
help icon This is the help icon in eReturns. If you click on this icon, further information will be displayed to explain what is on screen. Clicking the icon again, or the close icon in the help text area will close the help text.
close icon This is the close icon in eReturns. Clicking on this icon will close the help text that it is related to.
annotation icon This is the annotation icon in eReturns. Anywhere that this icon appears, you have an opportunity to record further information, be it against an individual transaction, or total. Any information you record in an annotation will be presented on the final return as a footnote. Annotations not related to a specific transaction or field are also available within the wizard. This is covered in some detail later on in this guide.

Useful information


eReturns automatically saves what you are doing while you are working. You do not need to remember to click save while working in eReturns.

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