Financial Disclosure Guide for Third Parties incurring Political Expenditure

Updated: 6 July 2016


Date for public inspection of annual returns

Annual returns are made available for public inspection on the first working day of February each year.

Returns can be seen at:

  • through public access terminals in AEC State Offices located in each state and territory capital city
  • through public access terminals at the AEC National Office in Canberra.

Record keeping

Third Parties should consider the financial recording systems and procedures that are appropriate to their needs and circumstances.

Financial recording systems and procedures must be sufficient to enable the return, which will be publicly available, to be properly completed.

All transactions should be supported by source documents recording the details of individual transactions.

A third party should also ensure they have complied with the requirements of sections 328, 328A and 328B of the Act and subclause 4(2) of Schedule 2 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

Retention of records

All relevant records, whether formal or informal, should be retained for a minimum of three years. Receipt books, bank records, receipt registers, source documents and working papers supporting the completion of the return must be kept for this period.