1992 Wills by-election – candidate returns

Updated: 18 April 2011
Below is a summary of disclosure returns submitted by candidates in the 1992 Wills by-election. Select the name of a candidate to view a PDF copy of the original return.
Candidate Party Total Donations Total Expenditure
Delacretaz, John LP nil $35 903.00
Ferraro, Salvatore IND $360.00 $360.00
French, Bill IND nil $881.60
Kapphan, Will IND nil $528.90
Kardamitsis, Bill ALP nil nil
Kuhne, Otto RPA $5 000.00 $5 500.00
Kyrou, Kon IND nil $1 070.00
Lewis, Bob IND nil $4 369.00
Mackay, David DEM nil $102.11
Murgatroyd, Cecil IBCP nil nil
Murray, John IND nil nil
Phillips, Richard SLL nil $750.00
Potter, Felicia IND nil $79.00
Poulos, Patricia IND nil $80.00
Savage, Katheryne IND nil $3 130.00
Sykes, Ian IND nil $6 593.00
Vassis, Chris IND nil $7 207.24
Walker, Angela AFI nil nil
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