2001 Aston by-election – candidate returns

Updated: 18 April 2011
Below is a summary of disclosure returns submitted by candidates in the 2001 Aston by-election. Select the name of a candidate to view a PDF copy of the original return.
Candidate Party Total Donations Total Expenditure
Boland, Kieran ALP Nil Nil
Chamberlain, Luke LFF Nil Nil
Cox, Josephine IND Nil $1 500.00
Dunstan, Graeme HEMP $320.00 $320.00
Harcourt, Pierre DEM Nil Nil
Kir, Michel GRN Nil $6.00
Mitchell, Douglas CEC Nil Nil
O’Loughlin, Peter IND Nil $1 863.50
Pearce, Christopher LP Nil Nil
Petherbridge, Timothy HPA $200.00 Nil
Raskovy, Stephen IND Nil $4 500.00
Scates, Garry IND Nil $9 903.00
Scott, June HAN $521.00 $2 142.00
Sloan, Mark No GST Nil Nil
Ward, Mark IND Nil $372.90
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