When is the next redistribution of my state or territory due?

Updated: 13 July 2020

The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Electoral Act) requires that a redistribution process should be undertaken when:

  • the number of members of the House of Representatives to which a state or territory is entitled has changed,
  • the number of electors in more than one-third of the electoral divisions in a state (or one of the electoral divisions in the Australian Capital Territory or the Northern Territory) deviates from the average divisional enrolment by over ten per cent for a period of more than two months, or
  • a period of seven years has elapsed since the last redistribution process was determined.

Indicative timing

Unless a redistribution is required to start earlier or is deferred, the next redistribution will be due to commence within 30 days after seven years have elapsed since the most recent redistribution was determined.

Indicative timing
State/territory Most recent determination of a redistribution was on … A redistribution would be required to commence within 30 days of …
New South Wales 25 February 2016 25 February 2023
Victoria 13 July 2018 A redistribution commenced on 15 July 2020
Queensland 27 March 2018 27 March 2025
Western Australia 19 January 2016 A redistribution commenced on 15 July 2020
South Australia 20 July 2018 20 July 2025
Tasmania 14 November 2017 14 November 2024
Australian Capital Territory 13 July 2018 13 July 2025
Northern Territory 7 February 2017 7 February 2024
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