Key results

Updated: 24 January 2011

National Results

The two proposed constitutional changes put to Australian electors at the 1999 referendum were not approved by a 'double majority' of electors. Therefore the proposals for constitutional change were not carried.

For both the republic question and the preamble question, neither a majority of Australian voters nor a majority of voters in a majority of States approved the proposed constitutional change.

The table below shows on a national level how electors voted at the 1999 referendum:

Graph of how electors voted

Summaries of referendum results at a national, State and Territory and divisional level for the republic question and the preamble question are provided in the statistics section. The referendum results by vote type for the republic question and for the preamble question are also provided.

The CD-ROM provides 1999 referendum results on a national, State and Territory, divisional and polling place level. Historical referendum results from 1906 to 1988 are also included on the CD-ROM at a national, State and Territory, and divisional level.

It was evident from the counting completed on referendum night alone, that the two proposed constitutional changes would fail to gain the required double majority.

The only change to the trend of results available on referendum night occurred in Victoria. On referendum night it appeared that the republic question might have achieved a majority 'yes' vote in Victoria. However, once the counting had been finalised Victoria joined the other States and the Northern Territory in recording a majority 'no' vote on the republic question.

Only the Australian Capital Territory recorded a majority 'yes' vote for the republic question.

The preamble question did not gain a majority 'yes' vote in any State or Territory.

Voting Turnout

Nationally, 95.1 per cent of eligible electors voted in the 1999 referendum.

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Statements of Results

The Australian Electoral Officer for each State and Territory produced a written statement showing the referendum results for their particular State or Territory. These statements certified the number of 'yes' votes, 'no' votes and informal votes for both of the proposed constitutional changes.

These eight statements were provided to the Electoral Commissioner on 24 and 25 November 1999.

Return of the writs

After receiving the statements of results, the Electoral Commissioner endorsed on the two writs the number of 'yes', 'no' and informal votes for Australia and for each State and Territory.

The two writs for the 1999 referendum were returned to the Governor-General on 30 November 1999.