Commonwealth Electoral Division of Blaxland (NSW)

Updated: 3 November 2010

Boundary gazetted:

22 December 2009

Division name:



New South Wales


Current, boundary gazetted 22 December 2009 (former divisional profile)

Contact details:

Contact the Blaxland AEC divisional office

Name derivation:

Named after Gregory Blaxland (1778–1853), an early Australian explorer of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

Size & location description:

Blaxland covers an area of approximately 62 sq km bordered by Georges River, Prospect Creek through Carramar, Holroyd up to Cumberland Hwy on the West, along Prospect Canal down to Albert St, across and up to Hawksview St along railway line to Lansdowne St up Woodville Rd across to Park St, Lisgor St, Hudson St and Mona St down Duck River and Wellington Rd, down Graham St, across Mt Auburn Rd, cross the railway line down to Brixton Rd across London Rd & Georges Ave up to Joseph St in the North, follow Joseph St, Rookwood and Stacey St Bankstown up to Canterbury Rd on the East, across Canterbury/Milperra Rds back to the Georges River in the South. The main suburbs include Bass Hill, Birrong, Carramar, Chester Hill, Condell Park, Fairfield East, Georges Hall, Guildford West, Old Guildford, Lansdowne, Potts Hill, Regents Park, Sefton, Villawood, Woodpark, Yagoona, Yennora and parts of Auburn, Bankstown, Berala, Fairfield, Granville, Guildford, Merrylands, Smithfield and South Granville.

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Products/industries of the area:

Railway workshops, aircraft repairs, transport and storage industries.

First proclaimed/election:


Demographic rating:

Inner Metropolitan


  • Clare, J (ALP) 2007–
  • Hatton, M (ALP) 1996–2007
  • Keating, P J (ALP) 1969–1996
  • Harrison, E J (ALP) 1949–1969

Current Member Details:

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Further information:

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