2001 Profile of the division of Mayo

Updated: 9 February 2011


South Australia

Name Derivation:

Named after Helen Mayo (1878–1967), cofounder of the Mothers' and Babies' Health Association in 1927, and the first woman elected to a University Council of Australia in 1914.

Area and Location Description:

It covers an area of approximately 2047 sq km from Strathalbyn in the south and includes metropolitan suburbs such as Athelstone, Rostrevor, Newton, Aberfoyle Park and Flagstaff Hill.

Some of the country towns in the division include Meadows, Macclesfield, Echunga, Oakbank, Kangarilla, Callington, Mount Barker, Strathablyn, Aldgate, Nairne, Lobethal, Stirling and Woodside.

Products/Industries of the area:

Dairying, beef, sheep, apples, pears, cherries, Kanmantoo copper mines, Jupiter Creek goldfields, almonds, market gardening, forestry, wine, cereals and the army barracks at Woodside.

First Proclaimed



  • Alexander Downer (LP) 1984–

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Demographic Rating


Statistical information
3 October 1998 Election 6 November 1999 Referendum 10 November 2001 Election

Enrolment: 90 861

Informal Vote: 3.85%

Turnout: 95.91%

Seat Status: Fairly Safe Liberal

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 40.10%
  • LP: 59.90%

Two Candidate Preferred*

  • LP: 51.74%
  • DEM: 48.26%

Enrolment: 83 585

Informal Vote:

  • Republic Question 0.80%
  • Preamble Question 0.95%


  • Republic Question 96.48%
  • Preamble Question 96.49%

Enrolment: 86 319

Informal Vote: 5.49%

Turnout: 95.86%

Seat Status: Safe Liberal

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 37.13%
  • LP: 62.87%

*based on distribution of preferences between LP and DEM candidates.