2001 Profile of the division of Corio

Updated: 9 February 2011



Name Derivation:

Named after Corio Bay which originated from an Aboriginal word for 'coraiyo' meaning 'small marsupial' or 'sandy cliffs'.

Area and Location Description:

It covers an area of approximately 808 sq km from the western shores of Port Phillip Bay, stretching to the north of Geelong and inland and covering part of the Bellarine Peninsula.

The suburbs and towns include Anakie, Avalon, Batesford, Bell Park, Bell Post Hill, Breakwater, Clifton Springs, Corio, Curlewis, Drysdale, Fyansford, Geelong East, Geelong North, Geelong West, Hamlyn Heights, Herne Hill, Lara, Leopold, Moolap, Newcomb, Newtown, Norlane, North Shore, Rippleside, Thomson and Whittington.

Products/Industries of the area:

Many industries, including stevedoring, vehicle assembly plant, glass works, aluminium smelter, petroleum refinery, woollen mills, saltworks, as well as market gardening, dairy, poultry and mussel farming, fishing, wood chipping, wool scouring, fertiliser refining, tourism, a tannery, carpet, clothing, shoes, chemical production and aeronautical services.

First Proclaimed/Election



  • Gavan O'Connor (ALP) 1993–
  • G G D Scholes (ALP) 1967–93
  • H F Opperman (LP) 1949–67
  • J J Dedman (ALP) 1940–49
  • R G Casey (UAP) 1931–40
  • A Lewis (ALP) 1929–31
  • J H Lister (NAT) 1917–29
  • A T Ozanne (ALP) 1914–17
  • W Kendell (LIB) 1913–14
  • A T Ozanne (ALP) 1910–13
  • R A Crouch (PROT) 1901–10

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Demographic Rating


Statistical information
3 October 1998 Election 6 November 1999 Referendum 10 November 2001 Election

Enrolment: 82 075

Informal Vote: 3.21%

Turnout: 95.64%

Seat Status: Safe Labor

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 61.36%
  • LP: 38.64%

Enrolment: 84 364

Informal Vote:

  • Republic Question 1.02%
  • Preamble Question 1.10%


  • Republic Question 96.18%
  • Preamble Question 96.19%

Enrolment: 85 836

Informal Vote: 5.09%

Turnout: 95.74%

Seat Status: Fairly Safe Labor

Two Party Preferred:

  • ALP: 58.70%
  • LP: 41.30%