1998 Federal Election Timetable

Updated: 27 January 2011
Election Announced 30 August 1998
Writ Issued: The issue of the Writ triggers the election process. It is a document commanding an electoral officer to hold an election and contains dates for the close of rolls, the close of nominations, the day of polling and the return of the Writ. 6pm, Monday, 31 August 1998
Close of Rolls: Electors have until 8pm, seven days after the Writ is issued to enrol or to update their enrolment details. 8pm, Monday, 7 September 1998
Close of Nominations: It is not possible to nominate as a candidate for an election until the Writ has been issued. Candidates must nominate by 12 noon on the date specified on the Writ as the close of nominations. Noon, Thursday, 10 September 1998
Public Declaration of Nominations: The day that nominations are publicly declared. Noon, Friday, 11 September 1998
Lodgement of Group Voting Tickets: Senate candidates who are grouped (that is 2 or more candidates standing together) must lodge their group voting ticket 2 days after nominations close if they wish to have a box above the line. Noon, Saturday, 12 September 1998
Polling Day: The day set for electors to cast their vote. It must be a Saturday and at least 33 days after the issue of the Writ. Saturday, 3 October 1998
Return of the Writ: For the House of Representatives, the Electoral Commissioner endorses on the Writ the name of the candidate elected for each division and returns the Writ to the Governor-General.

For the Senate, the Australian Electoral Officer for each State and Territory returns the Writ to the State Governor (for States) and the Governor-General (for Territories) endorsed with the names of the elected candidates for that State or Territory.
Thursday, 29 October 1998