Behind the Scenes: The AEC's 1998 Federal Election Report: Division of Newcastle Supplementary Election

Updated: 9 October 2007

Division of Newcastle Supplementary Election

A supplementary House of Representatives election was held in the Division of Newcastle on Saturday 21 November 1998. The supplementary election was held as a candidate standing for election in the Division died the day before the October 3 polling day.

Under the Act if a House of Representatives candidate dies between the close of nominations and polling day the election does not proceed. A new writ is issued for a supplementary election in the Division, using the same electoral roll prepared for the original election.

Election Timetable

The electoral timetable for the Division of Newcastle supplementary election was:
Issue of the writ: Thursday 15 October 1998
Close of Nominations Thursday, 29 October 1998 (12 noon)
Declaration of Nominations Friday, 30 October 1998 (12 noon)
Polling day: Saturday, 21 November 1998 (8am to 6pm)
Declaration of the poll Tuesday, 1 December 1998 (10am)
Return of the writ: Tuesday 1 December 1998

Electoral Roll

The Division of Newcastle supplementary election used the same electoral roll as that used for the 3 October election. This meant that those electors eligible to vote in the Division of Newcastle at the close of rolls on Monday 7 September 1998 were required to vote in the supplementary election. A total of 77 327 electors were enrolled for the Division of Newcastle.


At the original close of nominations on 10 September 1998, eight candidates had nominated for election in the Division on Newcastle. With the death of one of these candidates before polling day, the nominations were cancelled as the election could not proceed.

Following the supplementary close of nominations on 29 October 1998, a total of 11 candidates had nominated for the supplementary election.

Polling Day

Electors in the Division of Newcastle were actually required to go to the polls twice for the 1998 election. They voted for the Senate election on the 3 October polling day and returned to vote in their House of Representatives election on the 21 November polling day.

Return of the Writ

The public declaration of the result of the supplementary election was held on Tuesday 1 December 1998 at the Newcastle Divisional Office. The writ for the supplementary election in the Division of Newcastle, which was required to be returned by 27 January 1999, was returned on 1 December 1998.