1996 Election Report: Appendix A

Updated: 9 October 2007

Appendix A

List of international guests


  • Mr Chhour Leang Huot, Chairman of the Parliamentary Legislative Committee
  • Mr Ok Serei Sopheak, Adviser and Director of Cabinet, to the Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng (Co-Minister of the Interior)


  • Mr Jean Ouellet, Communications Officer, Elections Ontario

Cook Islands

  • Mr Moetaekore Iti Moetaekore, Acting Assistant Research Officer, Cook Islands Electoral Office
  • Mr Mata Ringi John, Senior Administration Officer, Cook Islands Electoral Office


  • Mr Kameli Koto, Divisional Planning Officer, Western Division

Hong Kong

  • Ms Venner Cheung, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer (Operations), Registration and Electoral Office, Boundary and Electoral Commission


  • Datuk Harun Din, Chairman, Election Commission Malaysia
  • Datuk Omar Hashim, Deputy Chairman, Election Commission Malaysia
  • Mr Abdul Hamid Ali, Assistant Secretary, Election Commission Malaysia

New Zealand

  • Mr Phil Whelan, Chief Electoral Officer, New Zealand Ministry of Justice
  • Mr Hugh Garland, Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, New Zealand Ministry of Justice

Papua New Guinea

  • Mr Moses Warpulu, Director Registry – Political Parties
  • Mr Ireneus Wabeawa, Senior Electoral Officer


  • Ms Teresita Dy-Liacco Flores, Commissioner, Commission on Elections
  • Ms Estrella de Mesa, Director III, Planning Department, Commission on Elections

South Africa

  • Mr Howard Sackstein, Director of Legal Services, Independent Electoral Commission
  • Ms Elsabé Düring, Personal Assistant to the Constitutional Adviser Department of Constitutional Development
  • Ms Drené Nupen, National Director, Independent Mediation Service of South Africa (IMSSA)
  • Ms Ilona Tip of IMSSA


  • Mr George 'Aho, Secretary for Justice and Supervisor of Elections, Ministry of Justice
  • Mrs 'Eseta Fusitu'a, Deputy Chief Secretary and Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, Prime Minister Minister's Office

United Kingdom

  • Mr Steve Limpkin, Head of Elections, Division D Home Office

Western Samoa

  • Mr Olive Samuelu Tuipoloa, Senior Electoral Officer, Legislative Department
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