Scrutineers Handbook: Appendix 3: Additional information available to scrutineers

Updated: 23 May 2016

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The AEC produces a range of publications for scrutineers, candidates and other participants in elections in addition to the Scrutineers Handbook.

Some of the information materials available are:

Other information materials will be available during the election campaign.

A copy of the Scrutineers Handbook is available on the AEC website.

General information on a range of topics is available by visiting the AEC website, from all AEC offices, or by phoning 13 23 26.

Other official material

Subject to availability, all relevant official electoral forms (except in relation to funding and disclosure) may be obtained from AEC's National Office or divisional offices.

Funding and disclosure forms can be obtained from the Funding and Disclosure Section at the AEC's National Office in Canberra.

The Scrutineers Handbook and other electoral information are also available on the AEC website.

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