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Fadden by-election

Nominations for the Fadden by-election can be lodged after the issue of writ (6pm Monday 12 June 2023) until close of nominations (12pm Thursday 22 June 2023).

Each nomination must include an individual candidate details form (form 60) including the qualification checklist plus one of the additional forms (form 60-b or form 60-c).

The AEC’s online nomination form can be used to generate a PDF. This can be saved and printed for signing and must be lodged together with the additional form, any additional documents, and the deposit by the relevant deadline.

Alternatively, you can complete the pdf of form 60 (including the qualification checklist), plus one of either form 60-b or form 60-c.

Nominations can be lodged in person, by post or by fax. Please phone (07) 3834 3400 for further details or to make an appointment.


Electoral information for candidates, as explained by AEC staff

Updated: 25 May 2023