Commissioner's Advisory Board for Electoral Research (CABER)

Updated: 3 April 2013

The Commissioner's Advisory Board on Electoral Research (CABER) is a research advisory board whose members include eminent experts in the Australian electoral system and electoral research. CABER was established by the AEC in 2010 in line with Government directions to foster a stronger connection between government sector agencies and academia.


The role of CABER is to:

  • As required, provide the Electoral Commissioner with expert advice on electoral research, including the strategic value of research
  • Contribute to the development and progress of a strategic research framework to better inform and support delivery of electoral services and influence electoral policy reform in Australia
  • Identify key gaps in electoral research
  • Promote and be an ambassador for high quality electoral research


CABER is made up of eminent experts in the Australian electoral system and electoral research.

  • Professor Ian McAllister (Chair) (Australian National University)
  • Mr Brenton Holmes (Australian Parliamentary Library)
  • Dr Peter Brent (Australian National University)
  • Mr Antony Green (Election Analyst, Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Mr Phillip Green (ACT Electoral Commissioner, representing state and territory commissions)
  • Mr Kevin Kitson (Australian Electoral Commission)
  • Dr Aaron Martin (University of Melbourne)


  • The CABER Terms of Reference (24 June 2011) sets out the function, membership and governance of the board, as well as the roles and responsibilities of board members
  • The CABER Research Agenda (30 May 2011) outlines potential research questions and opportunities to inform future policy and practice of the AEC
  • Recommendations to the Electoral Commissioner on ways to improve electoral administration and fill the knowledge gaps in electoral research arising from CABER meetings
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