AEC Twitter Policy

Updated: 10 July 2015

We invite you to follow the AEC's official Twitter account – @AusElectoralCom.

What you can expect if you follow us:

During non-election periods the AEC will only tweet when there is relevant federal electoral news. This may include information relating to activities such as party registration, federal redistributions or electoral information/statistics.

We may also occasionally retweet state/territory electoral management bodies when there is noteworthy local electoral news.

As the AEC does not conduct state and local government elections the AEC twitter account does not provide regular information regarding these events and is not the contact point for local electoral enquiries.

Election period

The AEC's Twitter account will be more active during federal election periods. We will tweet about a range of key election information, dates and statistics relevant to both the media and the general public.

If you follow us during a federal election you can expect a relatively high frequency of tweets.


The AEC welcomes questions and feedback on Twitter and we will join in the conversation when possible.

All tweets that include the AEC's Twitter handle will be monitored and the AEC will, whenever possible, reply to direct questions in a timely manner. The AEC cannot, however, engage on issues of party politics and will not respond to anyone using abusive language. The AEC also cannot discuss any individual's personal details on twitter.

If there is a trending issue or helpful suggestion, information will be forwarded to the relevant business area within the AEC. When an issue is trending, the AEC's account may post a proactive tweet to address the subject rather than respond directly to numerous people.

There are also a number of other ways to contact the AEC with your enquiry.


In non-election periods the AEC's Twitter account will be monitored during business hours. The account will be monitored for extended hours during federal election periods.

Twitter may occasionally be unavailable and we accept no responsibility for lack of service due to Twitter downtime.


If you follow us on Twitter we will not automatically follow you back.

The AEC may choose to follow organisations or individuals where there is clear relevance to the AEC and the Australian electoral sector. Being followed by the AEC does not imply endorsement of any kind. We do not generally link to commercial organisations.

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