Stakeholder Engagement - Statement of Principles

Updated: 8 March 2012

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) engages with three main stakeholder groups:


Political stakeholders can shape electoral policy.

Stakeholders include Parliament, the Special Minister of State, candidates and political parties.

Government & Corporate

The public and private sectors help to deliver our services to the public.

Stakeholders include government agencies, state electoral commissions, contractors and suppliers, and other private companies.


Community stakeholders help shape elector-centric service delivery.

Stakeholders include community representative bodies, non-government organisations, media, academia, education providers and the public.

Engaging with stakeholders

The AEC's approach to stakeholder engagement aligns with the goal to provide world-class electoral services.

The AEC provides accurate and clear information to stakeholders in a way that is well structured and consistent across the agency. The AEC identifies shared objectives and encourages two-way communication.

Six principles that guide the AEC's stakeholder engagement

Inclusive and Targeted

Actively identify and engage with individuals and organisations that have a stake in, or will be affected by, our services. Stakeholder input is sought on issues that matter to them.


Engage stakeholders openly and make clear our purpose, goals, responsibilities, expectations and constraints. The AEC is impartial and objective.

Appropriate & Adaptive

Identify issues of significance and respond appropriately. Collaborate with stakeholders and look for mutual benefit. The AEC is flexible to changing needs.

Accessible & Innovative

Provide clear and accessible information. Evaluate our engagement to encourage ongoing improvement and foster a culture of innovation.


Keep stakeholders informed of issues that affect them and engage in a manner that encourages mutual respect and trust. Ensure the AEC is honest and timely in our dealings with stakeholders.


Provide support to AEC staff to engage with our stakeholders professionally and consistently.

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