Electoral Pocketbook 2011 - 2 Parliamentary representation

Updated: 8 June 2011

2.3 Representation in the territories

The NT and the ACT have not always been represented in Federal Parliament. The NT gained one member of the House of Representatives (with limited voting rights) in 1922 and it was not until 1968 that full voting rights were acquired.

Similarly, the ACT gained a member with limited voting rights in 1948. Full voting rights were acquired in 1966.

In the Senate, the territories were not represented until the 1975* election when they gained two senators each.

* The legislation was passed in 1974.

More detailed information on parliamentary representation, particularly on how the numbers of members and senators are determined, can be found in the Constitution (sections 7 and 24) and in the Act (sections 40–54). For an overview, see 2.6 Electoral divisions of this Electoral Pocketbook.

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