Electoral Pocketbook 2011 - Foreword

Updated: 15 June 2011
Image of Ed Killestyn

It is my pleasure to introduce the 2010 Election Pocketbook. This book provides a quick reference guide to the last federal election. It contains useful information such as election results at the divisional, state and national level, enrolment figures, data on formal and informal votes, types of votes cast and election funding.

The 2010 federal election was delivered through the hard work and tireless commitment of Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) staff located in our national office, state offices and the divisional office network. During the election our staff administered the logistics of putting in place nearly 70 000 capable polling officials and more than 7 500 polling places that allowed over 13 million people to cast their ballot. This Pocketbook reflects the results of this effort and is a testament to the staff involved throughout the election.

The Pocketbook also contains historical information about Australia's electoral system and processes, an explanation of counting votes and the nomination process as well as information about redistributions and referendums.

For further information regarding the Australian electoral system I encourage readers to go to the AEC website. In addition, the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, Referendum (Machinery Provisions) Act 1984 and the Australian Constitution are comprehensive sources of information about electoral and referendum processes.

I commend this Pocketbook to you and hope it provides a valuable resource regarding the 2010 federal election. I strongly encourage readers to complete the form [PDF 81KB] if you would like to provide feedback on this publication.

Ed Killesteyn
Electoral Commissioner