Electoral Pocketbook 2011 - 1 The Australian Electoral Commission

Updated: 8 June 2011
Section 1 - Electoral Pocketbook (May 2011)

On 21 February 1984, following major amendments to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Act), the AEC was established.

The AEC is the Commonwealth agency responsible for providing Australians with an independent electoral service and enhancing their understanding of, and participation, in the electoral process.

The AEC has one primary outcome for which it is funded, namely:

Maintain an impartial and independent electoral system for eligible voters through active electoral roll management, efficient delivery of polling services and targeted education and public awareness programs.

It achieves this through three programs:

  • Program 1.1: Electoral Roll Management
    Program Objective – Voter entitlement for Australians and support for electoral events and redistributions through maintaining an accurate and up-to-date electoral roll.
  • Program 1.2: Election Management and Support Services
    Program Objective – Access to an impartial and independent electoral system for Australians through the provision of election services.
  • Program 1.3: Education and Communication
    Program Objective – Informed Australians through the provision of information services on electoral matters.