Election Funding and Disclosure Report - Federal Election 2013: Appendix B - Key election dates

Updated: 29 May 2014

The electoral event held on 7 September 2013 was a combined general election for the House of Representatives and a half-Senate election.

Key dates for this election are detailed below.
Last day for registration of Political Parties
(the day before the writ is issued)
Sunday 4 August 2013
Issue of the Writ Monday 5 August 2013
Close for appointment of Agents
(close of nominations)
midday Thursday 22 August 2013
Polling day Saturday 7 September 2013
Calculation of interim election funding entitlements
(20 days after polling day)
Friday 27 September 2013
Conclusion of donations disclosure period
(30 days after polling day)
Monday 7 October 2013
Writ returned and political party registration resumed Wednesday 6 November 2013
Final payment of balance of election funding entitlements Friday 15 November 2013
Candidates', Senate groups' & Donors' returns due
(15 weeks after polling day)
Monday 23 December 2013
Public inspection of disclosure returns begins(24 weeks after polling day) Monday 24 February 2014
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