Funding and Disclosure Report - Election 1996: Part 7. Summary Of Recommendations

Updated: 5 January 2011

Operation of the election funding and financial disclosure schemes at the 1996 federal election

Election Funding

Recommendation 1
Payments of election funding must be made in the registered name of the particular party or branch.

Disclosure of Expenditure by Political Parties

Recommendation 2
Candidates and Senate groups be allowed to appoint agents up to 6pm on polling eve.

Recommendation 3
The threshold for disclosure of donations to candidates be raised to $1 000.

Recommendation 4
The threshold for disclosure of electoral expenditure by third parties be raised to $1 000.00.

Annual Returns

Political Parties

Recommendation 5
In their annual returns, political parties be required to identify donations separately from other receipts.

Recommendation 6
Political party annual returns be accompanied by a report from an accredited auditor.

Recommendation 7
The failure by the agent of a political party to lodge a disclosure return within 12 months of its due date be grounds for de-registration of that party.

Recommendation 8
The threshold for recovering 'anonymous donations' to registered political parties, candidates and Senate groups be the same as the disclosure thresholds.

Recommendation 9
The definition of an 'anonymous donation' be revised from the name or address not being known at the time of receipt to not being known at the time of disclosure.

Associated Entities

Recommendation 10
The Australian Electoral Commission be empowered to serve a notice upon officers of an organisation for the purpose of ascertaining whether that organisation has an obligation to disclose as an associated entity. An organisation be provided with the right to appeal against a notice served upon it for the purpose of ascertaining whether that organisation has an obligation to disclose as an associated entity.

Party Registration

Recommendation 11
That a Member of Parliament only be able to lend his/her name to a single political party for registration purposes.

Recommendation 12
That a person can only hold one appointment as a Registered Officer at any one time.

Recommendation 13
A fee of $500 to accompany an application for the registration of a political party and an application to change either the registered name or abbreviation of a political party.

Recommendation 14
The registered abbreviation of a political party should be restricted to either an acronym of, or a shortened version of, the party's registered name.

Recommendation 15
The procedures for the de-registration of a party originally registered as a parliamentary party and the review of that decision be the same as currently exist for a non-parliamentary party.

Recommendation 16
Require that the secretary of the party be one of the three party members to submit an application for the de-registration of a non-parliamentary party.

Recommendation 17
All de-registration decisions of the Australian Electoral Commission should be included as reviewable decisions under the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

Recommendation 18
The suspension of all party registration activity during the period of the issue of a writ be amended so that only the Australian Electoral Commission's decision with regard to the registration, de-registration and changes to the Register of Political Parties other than to Registered Officer and Deputy Registered Officer details, is suspended.