Electoral Newsfile 115: Two Electoral Divisions in the Northern Territory

Updated: 7 February 2011

Electors in the Northern Territory will elect two members to the House of Representatives at the next federal election, following a Commonwealth Electoral Amendment Bill receiving Royal Assent on 20 April 2004.

Two Electoral Divisions in the Northern Territory

The Commonwealth Electoral Amendment Act 2004 sets aside the determination made in 2003, which saw the Northern Territory revert from two electoral divisions (Divisions of Lingiari and Solomon) to one (The Division of the Northern Territory). The amendment now replaces the Division of Northern Territory with the Divisions of Lingiari and Solomon.

As a result of this amendment, at the next federal election, Northern Territory electors will elect members to the House of Representatives for the Divisions of Lingiari and Solomon. The electoral boundaries for these Divisions remain the same as those in place for the 2001 election. Maps are available below.

The new Act amends the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, and gives effect to the Government Response to the recommendations of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters (JSCEM) in its report: Territory Representation (Report of the Inquiry into Increasing the Minimum Representation for the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory in the House of Representatives).

As at 30 April 2004 there were 56 747 people enrolled to vote in the Division of Lingiari and 52 723 people enrolled in the Division of Solomon.

The Australian Electoral Commission will inform people in the Northern Territory of the polling arrangements for the two divisions in the lead up to the next election.


Media Liaison

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State/Territory Head Offices

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AEOs may be contacted on the following numbers.
New South Wales
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South Australia
Chris Drury Ph. (08) 8237 6555 Fx. (08) 8231 2664
Alex Stanelos Ph. (03) 6235 0500 Fx. (03) 6234 4268
Northern Territory
Bill Shepheard Ph. (08) 8982 8000 Fx. (08) 8981 7964

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