Electoral Newsfile 73: Federal Election 1998 Information Guide

Updated: 5 December 2007
Divisions (electorates) Australia is divided into 148 voting districts which are know as Divisions. One member is elected from each Division to the House of Representatives.
DRO The Divisional Returning Officer (DRO) is the AEC officer responsible for conducting the election in each Division and maintaining the roll.
Redistribution A redistribution is the redrawing of the boundaries of electoral Divisions to ensure that there are, as near as practical, the same number of electors in each Division for a State or Territory.
Roll The list of electors eligible to vote at an election.
Scrutineers People appointed by candidates to observe the voting and the counting of votes. Candidates can appoint scrutineers for each polling place. Scrutineers have the right to be present when the ballot boxes are sealed and opened and when the votes are sorted and counted so that they may check any possible irregularities, but they may not touch any ballot papers.
Swing The difference between the performance of a candidate or party at this election in comparison with the previous election.
TCP count (Two candidate-preferred) These figures show where preferences have been distributed to the final two candidates in an election. In most, but not all, cases these will be from the two major sides of politics – the ALP and the Liberal and National Party Coalition.
TPP count (Two party-preferred) These figures indicate results where preferences have been distributed to the two major sides of politics – the ALP and the Coalition. In most cases TCP and TPP are the same because the final two candidates are ALP and Coalition. However in an independently held seat the TCP differs from the TPP.
Voter turnout The percentage of enrolled electors who vote in an election or referendum.