Post Election Reports

Updated: 26 June 2017

AEC Requirements

After the completion of an election conducted by the AEC, the AEC must give a written report on the conduct of the election to the General Manager – Fair Work Commission and the organisation or branch for whom the election was conducted.

The AEC must give the post-election report within 30 days after the closing day of the election; and publish a notice on its web site advising that a copy of the post-election report can be obtained from the AEC on the request of a member who was eligible to vote in the election.

The AEC must also supply a copy of the post-election report to the member as soon as practicable, but no later than 7 days, after receiving a request.


Request a Report

To request a report simply telephone the Post Election Report Co-Ordinator on 02 9375 6364; or
email us at with the following details:

Personal Details

Full Name
Postal Address
Residential Address
Telephone Number (w)
Telephone Number (h)
Fax Number

Election Report Details

Election Report For (Name of Organisation)
Election Number (If Known)
Date of Election


I declare that:

  1. I am a member of the above organisation
  2. I was eligible to vote in the above election





Date of this request

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