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Disclosure of political donations

The financial disclosure scheme is provided for in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. Political parties are required to declare donations over the disclosure threshold as part of an annual return that is made public in February each year. The disclosure threshold for 2015-16 was $13,000.

2015-16 annual returns will be released via the AEC's disclosure tool on 1 February 2017. Read More (+)

Reporting relating to the 2016 federal election has already been released, however disclosure for endorsed candidates is often rolled into their party's annual return when donations are received by party campaign committees. This is why many candidates lodge nil returns in relation to election disclosures.

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Technology in elections

The AEC conducts federal elections in accordance with the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, which includes a paper based voting system. The possibility of voting, or aspects of voting, to be conducted by electronic means is a matter for Parliament. Read More (+)

The AEC does, however, utilise other technology in the conduct of elections. This includes online enrolment transactions, electronic certified lists and the scanning of millions of Senate ballot papers during the counting process.

Electronic certified lists have been used in selected polling locations at the 2013 and 2016 federal elections as a trial of the technology and a means to introduce efficiencies into the process of finding and marking voters off the electoral roll. Further information.

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Local elections

Local elections are not run by AEC

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