Australian Electoral Commission

AEC Graduate Program

Updated: 29 April 2013

Program Overview

The Australian Electoral Commission is at the heart of Australian democracy. You can help us achieve our goal: that all eligible Australians have a voice in our democracy.

Throughout the year you will gain valuable skills and experience through a series of placements across the AEC which will provide a well-rounded appreciation for the work we do. You will experience a variety of learning opportunities including on the job training, seminar events, and specific public sector training including a formal qualification (Diploma of Government). Opportunities may exist to be deployed on a short term placement to one of our interstate or regional offices.

A senior staff member will mentor you during your graduate year and ensure you have the support and guidance you need to excel.

Opportunities don't end there; after your Graduate year the AEC will support you to do further study should you wish to gain additional professional qualifications.


The AEC is a small Commonwealth Government agency with an enviable reputation for excellence. AEC staff take great pride in the importance of the responsibilities entrusted to them as we have a worldwide reputation for the quality of our work. We are primarily responsible for managing federal elections and maintaining the electoral roll. The AEC educates Australian citizens about their electoral rights and responsibilities and helps them understand the democratic process in Australia.

We also assist internationally through the Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections (BRIDGE) program and in state and industrial elections.

As a small agency, the AEC offers graduates the opportunity to acquire practical organising skills, and to gain experience in a range of different activities. Past graduates have told us that one difference between the AEC's graduate program compared to other agencies is the high level of personalised attention our graduates receive from Senior Executives, and the extent to which we can tailor our program to suit the skills and aspirations of our people.

Graduate Streams

The AEC has 3 Graduate Streams:

  • General
  • Accounting/Auditing
  • IT


Generalist graduates can work across a spectrum of available placements: from project management, parliamentary submissions, operational planning and logistics, election policy and procedures development, communication strategies and education programs, advertising campaigns, market research, research and strategy around electoral policy and reform, data analysis, design and maintenance of electoral enrolment systems, creating election planning aids and training programs, human resources, and security.


Accounting/Auditing graduates will work in the Funding and Disclosure Section reviewing the financial disclosures made by political parties and associated entities to ensure they meet legislative requirements. As part of this work they will undertake detailed analysis and research and further develop their auditing skills. There will also be a need to prepare reports and briefs, and contribute to projects.


Working at the AEC will provide you with a wide spectrum of opportunities, from developing and maintaining enterprise systems using a range of current and emerging technologies to IT Security or even the analysis and development of business requirements.

Currently the AEC employs a range of technology platforms including mainframe, UNIX and Wintel servers. IT graduates will have the opportunity to work with these platforms as well as emerging technologies that we are constantly seeking to build into our business processes.

Who should apply?

Successful applicants will have:

  • leadership potential
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • experience in working effectively in teams
  • flexibility and initiative
  • strong strategic analytical and research skills
  • proven academic and broad life skills
We welcome applications from people who have studied:
Stream Courses
General Arts, Project Management, Political Science, Communications, Social Science, Economics/Statistics, HR, Commerce or other disciplines
Accounting/Auditing Accounting, Finance, Commerce, Economics
IT Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Management, Business or a related field.

Applications from other disciplines not listed above will also be considered.

We welcome applicants who are completing their final year of study or have completed their degree within the last three years (no earlier than 2010).

Career path

The AEC Graduate Program will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to underpin a future career within the AEC and the wider Australian Public Service.

When you have successfully completed the program, you will be promoted to a role where you can apply the skills and knowledge developed over your graduate year. A graduate broadband is in place covering the APS 3–APS 5 levels, which supports you in merit-based promotion opportunities within the AEC.

How to apply

Applications for the Graduate Program 2014 have closed.